charities in Commercial Road

everytime I go to Commercial Road shopping I frequently accosted by people collecting charities, I think they are wanting the public to give them their direct debit details to give a donation every month, but they are come out with this long spiel first of all, which I tell them I am not interested as many of these organisation collecting in the past are not always what they appear to be, and the people recruited do often get paid well, normally its just easier to shop wearing earphones and they just ignore you.  This saturday was no different, being pounced on by some pretty student girl with some well rehearsed phrase which I declined, however when about to exit the precinct by Debenhams, I was saddened to see this elderly chap looking very gaunt on an electric scooter, a poster hung over the handlebars says he was collecting signatures for a petition for people with industrial illnesses from working with asbestos, to be able to get some medication that would relieve some of the pain but may shorten his life, it claimed it used in other parts of the country but not down here in the south.

This really saddened me, and it seems not to many people had taken notice of his campaign so I just silently prayed for him and went home.

One comment on “charities in Commercial Road

  1. They drive me mad!

    I was very rudly approached and then abused by a gang of ‘charity’ workers who I know do not care in the slightest for the charity they were working for or what they did.

    They were messing with the wrong chap, as they approached me twice as I was in a hot flusterred state rushing through town.

    I am thinking of writing a letter of complaint to Scope – part of me does not want to write to a charity, but on the other hand it must be made known how abusive and rude their street workers were.

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