newspaper freebies/incentives

Lately I have decided I dont tend to read national newspapers unless Im bored during my lunch break at work.

They are really dull and predictable, with moaning about foreign immigrants or speed cameras being endlessly put on the front page.

Im amazed at the amount of freebies and competitions being offered. Are they really getting desperate to get more readership? Are most of the regular readers of The Mail fluent in Spanish after langauge lesson CDs?

I have to admit it, Im a sucker for freebies :o)

This stemed when I was 5 I saved up tokens for a Rice Krispies alarm clock, I think it was £7 or so as well, but my parents paid for this and sent it off for me, after the 28 days for delivery or whenever it is, getting a parcel with your name on it when it isn’t your birthday back in 1982ish when I was 6 was incredibly exciting. Like most kids I pestered my dad in buying things that had stickers or other free things inside or things you had to send of for.

I havent changed, so buying things online and getting something thats really hard to find off ebay arrive in the post, has the same buzz.

Often I will go and take a peek at newspapers and see what they are trying to give away next. I think I counted 7 different sets of tokens in the Express on one day for 7 different promotions.

One thing I want to know. Is there a web site that shows whats forthcoming with newspaper freebies, so I can work out what worth getting in advance, so not to find out about a freebie already has half the amount of tokens already needed to be collected.

I say this as Im hoping to get a killer deal on a flight somewhere, not just one of the cheap sounding deals with Ryanair, I know some of the grown up airlines (sorry my general euphemism for the non-budget operators) did some similar promotions a while ago.

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