womens football

something briefly caught my eye on the TV this evening.  There was a quick preview of womens football game on later this week.  I have no interest in football whatsoever, nor do I go for sporty loving females, but if this little known alternative league of this sport took off, this could shake up this game enormously.

People are always complaing footballers are overpaid, (in addition to getting big licencing products on the telly) ticket prices are too expensive and players are bad mannered in terms of getting sent off.

Lets say large cities all get womens footballs team and tickets sales and TV licencing contracts get going reasonably well.

I reckon women could show regular male counterparts not to be overpaid wussies that roll around cry when they get a little graze on their knee, not to spit or swear, give a good impression to the youth who look upto them.

My argument has nothing to do with sexism.  Im a believer that when you have competition, as in a similar themed alternative to something popular, this always makes the offerings from both parties vastly superior and people work harder.  Look at the space race, the Americans versus the Russians, Pepsi vs Coke TV commercials, etc.  Take one brand away and the lone player gets a bit slack as they have no incentive to get the quality control up a bit.

20 years ago it was unknown that women would take an interest in football like it is now, think of the possibilities for old habits to disappear and new things to appear in this game….

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