I dont like racism, but I also dont like the weak and feeble efforts authorities try and tackle it.

Why? The police and the Council are always going on about way to embrace Britains multicultural society, but a lot of the time sometime people miss the point.

At Christmas for instance, theres always a lot of fuss that decorations are too Christian and could be offensive to Muslims.  Its well known that the Muslim community (as far as I am aware) doesnt mind Christians putting up things that reflect the birth of Jesus which the very point of this festival that evolved into something quite different today.   Newspapers (see my other thread why I dislike national journalism) will often mention on their front pages that authorities are abandoning Britain’s Christian ethics to accomodate other faiths.  This circle has entirely the opposite effect.  By the beauricrats trying to be “multicultural” in the worst possible way this leads to resentment with some people in turn putting the blame on our Asian community when it was never their intentional to upset or change our Christian festival to start with.

My stance on foreign immigrants.   I like the New Zealand government’s approach, the Kiwis let you move to their country on the basis you have something useful to offer, ie: qualifications in something teaching, medicine, engineering, IT, etc, etc.  Something that demonstrate you are helpful to their society and economy. People from Eastern Europe have embraced a lot of unskilled labour which has been hard to fill which more indigenous Brits would rather claim benefits than be prepared to do.  Also the media doesnt take into account that a lot of Brits leave the country, France and Spain are popular places to retire to.

Theres no doubt an UK employer like the NHS has an enormous amount of talent from people from a huge different ethnic backgrounds, and we would be completely screwed if say, the BNP had their way and asked them to go away.

On the other hand I dislike the fact people can suddenly arrive in Britain unannounced with no background checks or willingness to adapt to British life.  The council do leaflets in various Asian languages.  Wouldn’t council’s money on translators for this thing better going on English lessons for some people who havent grasped a skill for which they need to get by in doing pretty much anything?

I worked with this Polish guy in a car parts factory in summer 2006 when I was in between jobs, I got on really well with this chap and I find all the Eastern Europeans I have met to be warm, genuine kind people, he mentioned he was also doing some forklift driving here for some other temping roles, he told me he got his forklift licence on the black market in Poland for £50.

Someone please tell me how do we guarantee qualifications gained in other countries are credible and without accusing another country of having a corrupt education system, if these licences seem legit for this country or should they have to take them again?  Is their a sex offenders register in other countries and does it work the same way here?  Should the means of checking people that new to this country ought to be a bit stricter?

Theres some people who live near me that have cars with Eastern European registration plates, they have been here a year and clearly seem to be staying here but they have no car tax.  Why is this, when I pay £179 for my road fund licence and they havent yet?  Surely a vehicle with foreign plates involved in an accident could be something of a paperwork nightmare for insurance people to work out.  Do they even have an MOT or insurance?  They should have the car re-plated surely, and have a temporary tax system for vehicles in the UK for the short term.

It always seems when talking about racism and how other peoples cultures authorities are always feeling like they are on eggshells and dont always tackle issues which are more important. If a strict yet welcoming approach was made to people thinking of coming to live in Britain then I am all for anyone coming here.

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