furry neighbours

Some weeks ago I was walking back from a friends birthday party today, just said goodbye to our friend Daniel who lives a few blocks away from me and his friend who staying over for the weekend, and I was walking down these stairs in an alleyway and spotted this wee creature :o)

It was very tame I thought it might have been injured, but seemed a little scared and appeared ok, having shiny black eyes and wet pointed nose, its prickles were quite soft so I guess its quite a young hedgehog.

I don’t think I have ever seen one live (sadly they are usually seen dead on the roads at home) before this close up as they are nocturnal animals. It was strange to see one not in a hurry to escape from me.

I passed further down the steps and saw a student on the way up, I told him not to step on him, he thought it was quite cute seeing this prickly mammal resting half way down the path too.

Hedgehog on path


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