Ethiopian bar

Went to meet up with a friend in an Ethiopian bar.  In between a shoe shop and a 1 shekel store on Jaffa Street is a fairly unassuming alley way…alley to ethiopian barDidn’t manage to get a pic of the front of the bar sadly.   The Ethiopian community make up a small percentage of various many different Jewish groups that are here in Jerusalem.  Sadly many of them don’t have good knowledge of Hebrew so may have difficulty getting work.


The bar itself feels basic but people are friendly, beer is cheap (Goldstar is 10 shekels) There is Ethiopian Reggae music always playing here, food is available.  Below is a kind of thick pancake with some beef and mushrooms and a small amount of very hot chilli.

100_2443Also below is a poster of some music event here.  Notice on the left is writing in Amharic (not to be confused with Aramaic which was used along with Hebrew during the time of Jesus)   this is a Semitic language used by the Ethiopian and Eritrean people.   It looks like a little like something you see by Aztecs, although its a left-to-right language like Western or European tongues, as opposed to right-to-left fashion Hebrew, Arabic and Persian uses.    Incidentally I found Windows XP doesn’t support Amharic in a normal fashion but Vista and 7 does.