off to Mount of Olives again..

this time made sure had decent batteries for my real camera, rather have to take pictures with the somewhat ropey camera on my phone.

Must of walked a good 10 miles today, as went as far into East Jerusalem next to the wall that divides into the west bank.

This time as well as see the massive Jewish cemetery and the Moslem one that closer to old walls, also saw Christian graves and went up further more away from the general tourist areas.  There is some truly breathtaking views here.   Now I know why it is the Mount of Olives, there are plenty of Olive trees on this bit!!

Some very cute and friendly Arab children whose house overlooks the Mount of Olives.  I am facing northwards here.

arab storekeeper van does massages?

The text on the back of this Arab shopkeeper’s van says “<arab script> except the massenger of Allah (pbuh)”

This little Subaru van looks too small for doing massages though?  Appears to have a foreign (oval?) set of licence plates under the Israeli ones. Got to love the racing stripes too.