things I have learnt since being 30

Started getting into classical music.

As opposed to be against such in such type of band, I found my choices in tunes gets wider and wider, listening to composers like John Williams and Ennio Moriconni and listening to most film sound tracks at epic times of life means movie-like choruses which sound pretty darn good in my own private little world, especially when travelling to new places in my car or on holiday with my ipod.

Being asked why I have an old mobile phone.

Because 1) I grew out of the must have the latest phone type thing, and have a 30 day SIM subscription which is cheaper and suits my quickly cancel and disappear into the middle east life style and 2) I actually love my Motorola RAZR, and don’t want a horrible stupid slider type thing!   its the perfect size when closed, has decent big buttons when opened, hasn’t got too many scratches, don’t need to lock the keypad as I just close the lid, it still works and does everything I want it to.  🙂

Besides my phone still looks suitably gangsta-like.   When was the last time you saw a bad guy in a movie with a Samsung?

Living with lots of different people.

No not like that, meant that I have shared 3 different rented houses and lived with (still counts,) about 12 different people, some nice, some were not so pleasant, I am still yet to get my own little place though….   Being better prepared for dealing with awkward people, and probably should be able to cope with when I eventually get married a good deal better than when I was when I was 25…

Wanting to buy things for my next house.

In the same way people get broody and want to buy baby stuff (note this not me)  I have an urge to buy things for when I get my own house at unsuitable times, mainly getting middle east style bits and pieces, old Bedouin style tea pots, brightly coloured throws, tiled coffee tables, stuff for kitchen, even though getting my own place is a long way off yet.   (I dont even have a job at the moment!)

Having less hair (yes, balding)

No point in fighting it, I just tend to shave most of it off, less to maintain.   Lots of people my age in the UK and in Israel have very short hair, and apart from needing a hat for when its cold, it works well for me…

Like being yourself.

Because those three decades have taught me that there is no point in following someone else’s style…

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