three flights for 2010…

I am looking to return back to Jerusalem to volunteer a bit longer.   I am seeking means to get sponsorship as I am expected to raise funds for airfare, health insurance, rent, bills and food.

In May, I wish to go to a close friend’s wedding in Spain, also my sister has a baby (ETA is 21st May) this time, I am planning to stay this time till the summer, so a rough idea of a schedule is as follows:-

Fly Luton to Tel Aviv (approx £200 return) – February
Fly Tel Aviv to Luton – 3rd week of May
Go home, see sister, husband and new baby
Fly Stansted to Asturias (Spain) – 4th week of May
Fly Asturias back to Stansted – 3 days after above
Stay somewhere in Luton or Stansted, one night, then;
Fly from Luton back to Tel Aviv
Fly Tel Aviv to Luton – some point in summer?

All flights are to be done with Easyjet, the budget airline.   Flights from UK>IL are expected to be around £200 lowest end of February’s prices, to include all taxes/baggage allowance.

So I am needing at least £500 for just three flights and all the messing about in between.  I am not working at the moment whilst in the UK, and its not possible to get anything due to my recent broken elbow.

Also with my recent injury I need to get a good deal with travel insurance that doesn’t mind dealing with customers with an ongoing health issue.  Not sure how this normally works.

I am prayerfully looking to raise funds for the first part of my second chapter in my volunteering, would be grateful of any suggestion of ideas or opportunities.

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