Curry and beer with the lads, and a message from the ambulance chasers?

I went out to meet up with my very good friends John P and Harry M for a Ruby Murray at the Goa on Saturday, it was a good way to catch up, especially as my friends are although married still like to do general lads stuff often.  On the way to meet up with my friend who came down on the train so not to drive and be able have a few beers, I got a text message.  It was from an Ambulance chaser, you know the sales people who have asked you if you have an accident and that you could claim compensation.

Would of this just been a coincidence that I got this so soon after getting discharged from hospital?   Sounds like there could be a breach of confidentiality here, a little worrying.

The disturbing thing I didn’t really think about until today was where they got details about my accident.

Could it be the hospitals?  As I have done IT support for two (Portsmouth & Southampton) different NHS authorities I know that any kind of patient data breach would get a member of staff investigated very very quickly, and extremely likely to be dismissed and possibly be subject to criminal prosecution.

Does someone comb facebook (my phone no is on there, and a picture of me in hospital post op) looking for possible source of punters?  Or, seen this blog and decided to look me up some how perhaps?

Anyhow slipping on ice in a Southsea street shouldn’t really mean the council or anyone else could be blamed, it was slippery as anything, certainly it wouldn’t make sense to blame the council, if everyone legally could do this this simply mean our council tax would have to go up by loads, to make a large pool of money for people suing for any old daft thing which I don’t think is right.

5/2/10  – update, I have found more about what these people do….

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