arm break… two weeks after operation..

Two weeks after my operation and I went back to hospital to have my stitches removed.

After the nurse undid the bandages and cut out the stitches, it seems its been a success!  I now just have a scar and some bruising, my arm is still very sore and I cant lift anything heavier than a cup of tea, I have trouble sleeping, doing things like getting up from sitting on the floor or out of the bath I have to pull myself up one-handed as I must not put any pressure on it.  In theory I could probably drive now, but decided its not worth it for the cost of getting tax and insurance for my car when I want to return to the middle east as soon as I am fit.

I am thankful to God and to people who prayed for my recovery, its gone well so far.

I have to return in another 4 weeks (25th February)  for another check up, they have not said if I need physio, but apparently the wires in my arm do not need to come out now, they are neatly tucked inside the muscles so they are there for the rest of my life.   Means I can make a nuisance of myself going through security doorways!

I do want to get on and fly back soon, but will plan this as soon as I get the next hospital consultation.

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