Uncledom awaits – meet Beth Naomi Saunders

During the time in Spain, using this beat up clunker of a Gateway laptop in the hotel on their free wireless the day before the wedding I got the news I had been waiting for, my sister Claire and her husband Jim had their first child, Beth Naomi Saunders.

Once back in the UK I tried to catch up and see various friends although I only some people I was hoping to see.  I had to work from home, taking into account the time zones, meant I needed to be in front of a laptop 6.30-3pm weekdays apart from 1pm on Friday.   This gave me a chance to fix some things back in Jerusalem using remote software (I do now really like Logmein) and draft out a new email system for our UK office.

Anyway for the first few days it was necessary to give Claire and Jim and bit of time to recuperate and so just me and mum went to visit it them in St Mary’s hospital (where myself, Matt and Claire were also born in 76,78 and 82)   This was a slightly weird feeling, as you know its a very special day when you see a new member of our family for the first time.

Strangely Beth is now the fourth member of our family to be born on a 29th (she arrived in May)  For me I was glad to be around soon after birth, she is very nice and Claire and Jim seem to have adapted to being great parents quickly, although a bit of shame I am not around much to see Beth grow up this year though.

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