Updated donations page

Just added a new link on the right hand side called Donate / costs.

From there you can make a donation to me or look at my living costs and what I need to live on to be able volunteer in Jerusalem.

On there check out the bottom tabs marked ‘Main / Figures’

I live on about £500 a month, everything else is out of my pocket, I am urgently needing to get sponsorship or donations of any kind, as I am struggling way below the amounts I was hoping to get.

All donations will be listed on there, and I will give an email of thanks.  I will list each one anonymously unless you want to tell me your name.  Of course I am very happy mention your business or organisation if you like.  Or maybe I could wear a Tshirt with some kind of advert of your business (something not political) when I am out and about perhaps.

thank you / תודה רבה (toder b’vukasha)

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