ex-Hamas terrorist who finds Jesus stays in the US

Really pleased (some of our bible study group prayed this week)  that Mosab Hassan Yousef an ex-Hamas terrorist who turned to Jesus will be allowed to stay in the US, this is brilliant news, as it gets a chance for Arab people that have come out of the darkness of Islam to really tell the truth about what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza and example of the love of Jesus to touch both Jew and Arab.

4 comments on “ex-Hamas terrorist who finds Jesus stays in the US

  1. Hey Jon,

    as far as Arabic Christian churches, no, there are none in the maint part (west Jerusalem) of Jerusalem. Well except for some of the historical churches in Bethlehem. You can see this here: https://jonnyh.wordpress.com/2010/01/29/bethlehem-journey-to-birthplace-of-christ-part-i/

    The main churches here in the city are Russian, Greek, Armenian and Ethiopian. There is also various other denominations around here.

    In Arab towns such as East Jerusalem, Nabulus, Gaza, Christians are there but are few and have been threatened or killed. There are Christian Arabs in Hebron and Bethlehem but these have fast dwindled down. I do know Christians that have been to Ramallah and Jericho, I am guessing they meet in secret or somewhere discreetly. I had some Arabic bibles I brought with me on a plane that I gave to someone at church who works in Jericho.

    In my church I have a close friend who is an Arab (and also secret) Christian, one of the leaders is Arab. Actually there are Christian Arabs in the one quarter of the old city but I have no idea where they have fellowship. Something I will look into I think.

    I want to visit Jericho as there is some fascinating history there, its also one of the oldest cities still inhabited in the world. Just need to research how safe this is.

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