Beit Shemesh summer camp

Today is a special day!  I have been volunteering for Bridges for Peace for one year!  (ok have been out of the country a couple of times on a break)

I got a chance to escape the office and head of in a car with some other staff to the small town of Beit ShemeshHere is a map.

Here we got to see some kids at a summer camp at a school.  Here a lot of these kids come from poor background and Bridges for Peace provides them with lunches and books when they are at school, so its nice to see the people we are directly helping especially for people like me who are admin staff and are not dealing face to face with needy Israeli families.

After some fiddling to get the projector working, this child did a presentation on the big bang and how the planets are formed, I think he is one of the most clever kids there and also seems pretty confident to do this talk himself.  Its good that unlike my home country in the UK political correctness forces educational places to only talk about evolution rather than creation.

Got to join in with drawing and painting

We were trying to draw this view out of the school building, but I just stuck to the green hills and small number of buildings 🙂

This community has a lot of African Jews from Ethiopia as children Ashkenazi (European) and Sephardic (Middle Eastern/Asian) backgrounds, you see a big mixture of skin colours here.

Once we had finished we got to chance to grab some take out coffee from a mall down the road and head back to the office.

Beit Shemesh

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