Gaza’s prosperous regions

Saw this interesting article the other day.   Seems just like Portsmouth or Jerusalem that have people in poor and rich areas, not all of Gaza is hit by poverty, even if the media shows it this way.  Interesting that shopping malls and big swimming pools have recently opened when there is supposed to be a shortage of building materials.

This is not to show that I don’t care about people in Gaza, its just more that their problems are less caused by Israel and more by rule from Hamas and Hezbollah who keep them in bondage, and kept the worldwide media in the dark by painting a different picture of what is happening, where other troubled places like Sudan get much less coverage in the news.

2 comments on “Gaza’s prosperous regions

  1. It is always easy for anyone to put spin on a story for political gain. I would imagine that like most places in the world Gaza has poor and rich areas, but I would imagine the poverty there is far greater than we experience in the UK. Further to that I would imagine that wealthy Palestinians are probably not as wealthy as us Westerners. Without wanting to start a political or even faith based argument I don’s see an issue with the residents of Gaza having a swimming pool or shopping mall.
    Interesting post though, thank you.

  2. Hey Jon,
    I think its good that Palestinians can be successful and live in difficult times, I just don’t like the way the media portrays things here which is often contrary to what is really happening. But like you say, this blog isn’t for arguments here.

    BTW did you see my article on the Project Better Place electric car scheme some Palestinian engineer converted his old Peugeot 205 to electric, there is a video of it on Youtube which is pretty cool.

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