Odd tat for sale in markets in Jerusalem

This ex-Army and outdoor store has various odd things for sale in the this glass cabinet, but one thing caught my eye.

Apologies for the pic being shaky.   Apparently this is a stun gun, in James Bond style its disguised as a popular model Nokia phone.   I didn’t ask the man on the counter if a licence is needed for this kind of thing.

The old British favourite Marmite, can be bought specially imported, albeit with a Hebrew label slapped on.   Its kosher and vegetarian after all.   Its a bit pricey at 30 Shekels (About a fiver for a small jar) though.

A lot of computer and stationary shops sell stickers for your keyboard, some laptops and PC keyboards are available with local keyboard type (plain Hebrew, Hebrew and Arabic or Hebrew and Russian)   if not, you can get stickers to put on.  These Hebrew keyboard stickers are aimed at teenage girls.

The local quack in the Arab market has these magical tea bags that cure everything.  As well these in the pic there are plenty of more boxes for every ailment you can think of.

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