“Dude you have no books to burn” – Ordinary folk tackling extremism

After the horrible book barbeque incident that was the pastor from Florida, who wanted to have a Koran burning party.   See previous post. There was something funny in the news about a church with a copycat type stunt.


On this occasion a young lad on a skateboard went past him and snatched the petrol soaked Islamic book from his hand and said ‘Dude! you have no Koran!”   News of this chap hit the blog/twitter community as a hero, that averted a PR disaster in the church and a possible revenge attack that would inevitably happen in Islamic countries towards smaller Christian communities.

I also give this young man (who is an atheist by the way)  a big thumbs up for his actions to avoid a conflict.

One thing I was wondering, when people here in the UK, say things about England, America, Israel, God (the Christian/Jewish one of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and Jesus, would anyone be brave enough to challenge these people in the high street in a equally fun jovial sort of way?

2 comments on ““Dude you have no books to burn” – Ordinary folk tackling extremism

  1. man i hated that shit, and knowing the world is seeing it as well.. another sad day for americans =/ …btw if you would’ve had some ads on this site i would’ve clicked them for ya ;D just an idea

  2. thanks, feel free to bookmark and come again. I have had a few ads but they are really only relevant to UK people.

    I will have more blogging about my travels in the middle east and laptop maintenance soon.

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