tips for avoiding Scrooge characters at Christmas

I like Christmas, just the essential bits, like seeing family, remembering Christ’s birth, getting together having food / games / presents etc.  I don’t like moaners and complainers, this is why this item is called:-

Most annoying things people ask at Christmas:-

Ways to get Scrooge like smug know it alls shut up over December….

“Ah, I read the other day Jesus was born on April / July / etc, so Christmas should not be celebrated at the end of the year.”

Great, gee, would you like to start a campaign to change Christmas then?

“I don’t like Christmas it should be stopped, its too commercialised.”

No one is forcing you to spend vast amounts of money.   Tell friends and family, you are going to limit presents to x per person.   Its just a celebration to stop working for a few days and spend time with family, no one is forcing you to get into debt, more than you celebrate another occasion, ie: spend too much money on holiday in August.   Only put up the number decorations to your individual threshold of taste.

I have seen some of the Jewish holidays like Purim turned into a psuedo-Halloween dressing up fest by some people, all holidays can be twisted into something awful.    I am sure St Patrick didn’t intend to make a significant portion of the nation of Ireland wake up a simulataneous hangover halfway through March.

Alternatively, ask your boss if you can work on 25-26/12, then leave the rest of the non-moaners/complainers to celebrate the season.

“I read the newspaper and the council are going to stop Christmas decorations / hymns being played / pictures of baby Jesus in the city centre….”

Stop reading the Daily bloody Mail then!

Of course on my next article I will show whats happening in Jerusalem for Hannukah…

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