Blogging with Google Maps

In the last few months, some of the more memorable places I have been to I have put on my Google Maps profile. I have added this on the “Blogs by location” link on the right hand side.

Please click the and + buttons to see a full view, there isn’t an easy way of adjusting the way the zoom before pasting it into my blog.

This is a great way for traveling bloggers to list your favourite places. I will consider writing a how to, if anyone else needs it.

Just one problem I have found, the new Firefox 4.0 seems to have a bug in which I can’t edit and place pins on my maps. Firefox 3.6.15, Chrome and IE8/9 don’t have this problem, and the Firefox 4 issue happens on two different PCs with Windows XP and 7.

Also you can’t create or edit a Google Maps profile under a business Gmail account, I guess Google understands the businesses don’t want their employees to carelessly list their locations of the buildings and staff live on the internet which is sensible.

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