Blogging with Google Maps

In the last few months, some of the more memorable places I have been to I have put on my Google Maps profile. I have added this on the “Blogs by location” link on the right hand side.

Please click the and + buttons to see a full view, there isn’t an easy way of adjusting the way the zoom before pasting it into my blog.

This is a great way for traveling bloggers to list your favourite places. I will consider writing a how to, if anyone else needs it.

Just one problem I have found, the new Firefox 4.0 seems to have a bug in which I can’t edit and place pins on my maps. Firefox 3.6.15, Chrome and IE8/9 don’t have this problem, and the Firefox 4 issue happens on two different PCs with Windows XP and 7.

Also you can’t create or edit a Google Maps profile under a business Gmail account, I guess Google understands the businesses don’t want their employees to carelessly list their locations of the buildings and staff live on the internet which is sensible.

Spammers offer to help companies fight bloggers

Bloggers often turn to their keyboards to write about bad service they encounter as well politics and general annoyances they want to rant about.

Someone once described blogging as “civilian journalism”  a way for people to make themselves heard, often without bias that might be seen in newspaper columnists.

What do you do, if you are a company and you want to fight against bad reviews of your company or service?    Personally I am not sure, but heres something that offers the wrong way.

I found this in my spam folder of comments of my blog, trying to sell this shady offering:-

A company that makes pretend good reviews and doctors your Google search results accordingly.   Interesting, but I suspect this would be laughably obvious if you hired out these people.

For one thing the links in this message go nowhere, seems that they are already out of business, or got more people accessing their site than they can handle.

I personally am against slander or bad mouthing people both online and in printed media or TV, but I can see a situation where some shady politician or dodgy company will pay these people to fix their PR problems after complaints, only to be found out that its all rigged and look really silly.

Please comment if you know other services that are there to try to reverse a bad reputation online, I am curious.   Please – nothing libelous and abusive please.