Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles

On the road by the side of Galilee, after visiting Capernaum, we travelled a bit further north to see this eye catching Greek pink domed church over looking the Kinerret.

There are some chickens in the garden by the Greek church, I spotted some more exotic pets too…

At the end of this beautiful walkway there are some picnic tables with Arab families having lunch.

Perfect for barbeque next to the Kinerret.   The symbols on the metal gates is for the Greek church.

The pink domes are eye catching, and the church design looks really attractive on the banks of the Kinerret.

I am not able find much about the history of it, but I understand its meant to be on the site where Jesus recruited his followers.

The interior of this church is beautifully decorated.  Better than anywhere else I have seen I think.


Left; pictures of the saints on the ceiling, Right: there are angels and demons on one side, winged horses and other strange creatures depicted.


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