Christian support of EDL and other extremist groups

Often I get sad and angry at things like this:-

Today, more than ever people in the UK are afraid of extremist fundamentalist Islam, and there are groups supposedly campaigning for indigenous people of Britain, often these are closely linked to racist organisations.

I often see on social networks people promoting groups like the the EDL and BNP, often unaware they are supporting a different type of extremist group which threaten and harass Arab or Asian people.   This troubles me as it seems folk quote web sites and news stories without applying some careful research and discernment, as some of these groups appear to be Christian or Jewish and that some are in support of Israel.

During Jesus’s trial before his crucifixion, Herod and Pontius Pilot became friends who were previously enemies as per Luke 23 : 12 (full context here) probably through agreeing Jesus should be sentenced to death.

There’s an old saying (I don’t know it origins) that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and alliances may be formed with someone who shares a common dislike.

I do worry about the rise of extremist Islam in the UK, and apathy in our government to challenge it, but at the same time I think we should use great care and discernment in being sure that sources we quote are from not from dubious organisations that may simply preach a different style of hate and intolerance, such as the BNP or EDL.