Why praying for Israel is different anywhere else

To many Christians, taking an interest in Israel and Jewish people may seem just another type of niche type of ministry project no different from any other.

My friend Justin who was volunteering on the staff of the church I was at in Jerusalem for 4 years mentions this:-

“Now Justin aren’t you being a little narrow in focusing so much on Israel and the Jewish people?

Here is why I am not, we are commanded and called specifically to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, and the Jewish people, throughout the Bible The Holy Scriptures in countless passages.

Why? Because that is GOD’S Land, and they are GOD’S original people, whom HE called and whom HE has chosen, through whom we also have received the preserved Word of GOD, our faith, and ultimately the MESSIAH through their lineage and geneology.

Therefore when you pray for Israel you are not only praying for Israel, but for the world, because when you support your forefathers in the faith, and when you support GOD’S people, that translates to favor, and blessing upon you and the world, and the preservation of things. But when you neglect and abuse, you fail to support and oppose GOD’S People, if you could care less and don’t recognize GOD’S People it will be a curse, and a judgment upon the world.

So a prayer for Israel and a prayer for GOD’S People is a prayer for the world and its preservation and salvation. Furthermore with that in mind we as Christian believers I wholeheartedly believe are an extension of Israel by adoption, and one with the true believers of Israel that ultimately will accept and embrace JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and SAVIOR as well, through the connection and union of ourselves with THE MOSHIACH THE JEWISH MESSIAH CHRIST JESUS.

There are various scriptures which reference this and give light to it. That is why I emphasized prayer for the Christian Church specifically at this time as well. Then of course I referenced prayer for the lost and unbelieving in JESUS CHRIST as well, that they too would repent of their sins, and be saved by inviting JESUS into their hearts and lives to be their LORD and SAVIOR to fill them with HIS HOLY SPIRIT, and delivered from the impending tribulation judgment that could take place very soon by the looks of things in the world, and the end times events that very well could be preparing to be unleashed in the very near future.”

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