War, spiritual attack and fallouts between believers

Currently watching war unfold between Israel and Gaza.   Make no mistake, the clear danger here is Hamas, the political ruler and Islamic terror group that control the Gaza strip.   Innocent people are going to be tragically get caught up on both sides here.  I am praying that Israel can do what’s needed to completely disable Hamas terror group and stop sources of deadly weapons which have potential to threaten about 3/4s of the whole of Israel, as well place Palestinian people in danger of being killed as terrorist infrastructure tends to be built next to schools, mosques and hospitals in Gaza, which is just twice the size of the Isle of WIght but with 1.5 million people.

These days I live and work in London, and I’m trying to catch up with contacting some of my friends and colleagues I worked and got to know in Israel with Skype, seems people are coping well with unstable situation and uncertainty, although Israel has faced wars and threats including its modern day formation in 1948, The Six day War and Yom Kippur War in 1967 and 1973 respectively, as well intafadas and terrorism that have caused many sources of tragedy that have happened as well.

Now due to various different fake peace plans it seems a ground invasion is about to happen.   

I’m looking for a church here near my new home in London, I’ve got to know several different circles of Messianic Jews, in fact I also see many different small niche churches and home churches of believers for a particular nationality, last weekend I was looking for a friends church, but even with using Google Maps on my phone, I couldn’t find my friend’s church so I spoke to some people in the street who were going to a completely different church which was made of people from Zimbabwe, a country I don’t really know much about apart from they have many troubles there.

In addition to groups of Messianic believers I’ve met in Israel and UK, here in London I’ve seen a church at the background of a Chinese restaurant for Chinese believers in London, Persian church with evening services for Armenians, Japanese people doing a special service borrowing a normal Anglican church.   I found this really exciting as we see Christians in London able to reach out to their own brothers and sisters of the same ethnicity without feeling like they are losing their identity.

I’ve still yet to exactly decide on a regular congregation to go to on a Sunday, but I need to soon as I miss not having a cell group and want to make some new friends soon.   These smaller congregations are great, but I’d like to find a church that’s suitable for young single professionals like me, with good teaching, worship and fellowship.

Something I find that troubles me is people I know in Israel and UK, Jewish and Gentile believers who are involved with ministry projects, are under a different type of threats.  I’m seeing spiritual attack in last month or so, in terms of IT equipment failure of large ministry friends of mine work for, and believers getting into disunity with each other, its sad when brothers and sisters in the Lord have fall outs it makes it awkward for those who are mutual friends of those involved.    One of these circumstances happened purely out of asking two friends to meet up for beer, not realising something happened between them, resulting in me being shunned.

The blogging world can be great, to share whats going on with how someone is serving the Lord or reporting on whats happening to a particular group of believers in particular area of ministry.    Something I have seen is often when reporting on false teachers and those promoting a false gospel, is that you can end up spending too much on these things, and can end up missing out in your spiritual life.

I’ve done reporting on such things in the past, I really right now want to seek to understand and learn how spiritual gifts are, and wondered if I have wasted time as a believer than I could of spent better.

Despite several bad things that happened that obviously have been an attack of the enemy (not that’s an excuse for the way we may battle with each other)  I’ve been really blessed by my new job in London, and the Lord has provided many new exciting opportunities have happened, I’ve also seen exciting projects come to fruition by friends reaching out to those in need that really inspire me.   It is at times like this that enemy wants to plant strife and dischord.

Continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and protection on those you know who are in Israel or are involved with projects for Jewish or Arab people.

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