Magnificent Morocco – 7. Tangier (een) dream

DSCF8117 1024If Jaffa oranges are Jaffa in Israel (or British Mandate of Palestine before that)

Then Tangerines are from Tangier right?

That’s what I was thinking, turns out when I read up this was true!!  Seems like adding “in” to a word in Arabic, is like “ים- / -im” in Hebrew or “-s” in English to make a word a plural.   Citrus fruit is quite a crucial part of the economy here, I saw Moroccan tomatoes in Morissons near my house last week.

Tangier feels like quite a bit like a traditional middle eastern city although of course this is northern Africa.   It feels ancient busy and hectic with narrow passageways, its been in a few movies, one of the mid 80s Bond films The Living Daylights and the third Jason Bourne film The Bourne Ultimatum.  I now need to watch these again!

DSCF8125 1024  DSCF8123 1024

Chickens, seems rather buying them frozen, you can get them slaughtered in front of you, and cleaned up prepared and ready to take home to cook.   Lots crammed into this cage and also some just calm sitting on the floor, I guess they have their legs tied up and doped as well.   Later on, when I visited Casablanca, I was amused to see a hippy French couple who the yound woman was wearing a “I support animal rights” tshirt, although actually animal lovers might be a shocked what happens around here.

DSCF8113 1024 DSCF8112 1024

Yes there are some some quite weird things here as well!

DSCF8108 1024

The food market is both outdoors and indoors.   It did feel a bit warmer then it did when I was in Gibraltar although it doesn’t seem that far away.

DSCF8111 1024

Fishing is a big thing here.   I got some sardines to put on a pizza back in London, which came from Morocco.  I’ll write more on the food a little later.

I didn’t spot many other Riads around here, although the exotic place I stayed looks pretty plain from the outside.

DSCF8136 1024

I started to see more of these amazing shaped doorways and lattice type balconies, think this is an ancient house that’s being restored.

The sad I thing I noticed, was a lot of poverty, there are plenty of people begging, some are blind or disabled.

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really odd things for sale in this market too.

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