Magnificent Morocco – 12. Catholic church in Casablanca

I’m not sure how long Morocco has had an indigenous Christian community.

I originally thought this building was a synagogue, as the patterns at the top give the illusion of looking like Magen David stars

DSCF8182 1024

Actually its a Catholic church.  The doors are covered in some kind of crude chipboard like a repair done in a hurry.

It looks disused, but some people told me it is open later on.  There was a static caravan with some people running some kind of youth club.  Round one side part of the building adjoining appears to be government offices.

DSCF8184 1024

Round the side.  Signs of arson.   Building looks robust enough to not sustain much damage.

DSCF8185 1024

Lots of rubbish, and a ‘free Palestine’ scrawled onto the wall.   Perhaps someone’s idea of a Palestine is full of rubbish and graffiti. Probably like this part of Jerusalem.

Like to know what the interior of this building looks like.  The outer doors looks like some kind of chipboard or some temporary repair which makes me think its not so well maintained.

If the King is reading this, how about please get this building and grounds smartened up? 🙂   Talking of such, I’ll talk about about Morocco’s monarch tomorrow.

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