Magnificent Morocco – 11. The Grande Mosque in Casablanca

DSCF8234 1024

This is a big attraction of Casa;

Its huge, its one of the biggest houses of worship in the world.

I was stunned when I read up about it later.  They started building it in 1986 and didn’t finish until 1993 and cost over 600 million Euros (it was built a French construction company Boygues)  they used a lot of Morocco’s very talented artisans to get all the detail exactly right with the style of architecture in this country.    When you think people in this country probably earn 30% or so of salaries in UK this is a colossal project, that stratospheric price tag could be even bigger for the equivalent build in UK, US, France or wherever.

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DSCF8241 1024 DSCF8240 1024

These collection of archways across the plaza look quite nice, they look similar to the collection of arches at the Al Asqa mosque on the temple mount in Jerusalem, so I guess its a characteristic of these.

With a couple of rare exceptions, the mosques in Morocco cannot be visited by non-Muslims.

casablanca coast - 1024

The Mosque looks out to the Atlantic Ocean.  Apparently, another 50 million euros were needed to fix structural problems to do with the steel bars in the concrete rusting.

205 1024I only ever thought that Morocco was just another Islamic country, but actually Fatima, the grand daughter of Mohammed came here, this place has far more significance than I realised.  Around peoples business, homes and cars, you see an obvious devotion to their faith.   Some message of the Koran was in this taxi which I traveled to the station later.

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