last days hysteriaLately been concerned some Christians get into a panic over end times.   Its disturbing when some people want God’s judgement on <insert_least_favourite_country>

It is simply not our job to do this.   Our job is disciple others, get our own lives in order, and worship God.

The whole blood red moons has got people into a tizzy, with signs in the sky coinciding with Jewish holidays.    I just have a wait and see attitude on these things.

I believe we are in latter times, and there is a increase in wickedness.  I do worry with the rise and even bigger rise of radical Islam, gender and marriage revisionism from militant LGBTQ movements, more abortion, churches and Christian groups going off on tangents.

However Jesus never told us to buy tins of beans, ammunition and hide in a bunker.   He told us to trust in him.

Here is a really good article by Charisma magazine.