Could a Chromecast be a killer tool for church & ministry?

At my work place we ordered a bunch of Chromecast devices to use in meeting rooms.   These are a gadget that looks like a USB flash drive but fit in a HDMI port of a standard flat screen TV, but also need a separate power adapter or tap 5 volts of a USB port of the TV.

I was quite impressed by these devices so I bought one myself.   They are only GB£30 or so, but I got a returned/open box of the newer 2nd generation one from ebay for £22.   You can’t buy these from Amazon, because they sell a similar rival in-house developed product called ‘Fire stick’

my tv with chromecast

When your Chromecast is in idle mode but the TV is set to the right  channel it will show random pretty pictures that Google Plus users have chosen to be made public.

chromecast dongle chromecast extension

Its pretty much intended to be used purely with the Google Chrome browser with a dedicated Chrome browser extension, therefore you can send content to it from a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android device.

This could be hugely useful in a church or in your organisation’s reception or lobby, and easy to get content sent wirelessly.

chavah in chromecast

I used this to display a Messianic radio station made by my good friend Judah who is also nifty with technology.

Its designed to work seemlessly with Youtube, so I predict the end of trashy MTV in bars, and instead get music videos in bars sent to a TV instead using a Youtube playlist!!

I think there is a ton of opportunities for this in churches and Christian ministry for worship, teaching or digital signage.   Strangely I don’t see these devices listed on online computer stores in Israel like BUG or KSP, so wonder if these have reached the holyland yet.

One comment on “Could a Chromecast be a killer tool for church & ministry?

  1. I’ve been meaning to look into these little video casting devices. My wife and I were talking about getting something like this last week. Very cool!

    And hey, thanks for the free linkage to Chavah, Jon. I hope folks are blessed by that.

    Blessings, brother!

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