Introducing Ivar Fjeld’s News that Matters blog

This is a really good blog from a Norwegian author I have seen from time to time.

It covers Israel and Middle East conflict, and false teaching and deception that happens in some churches today.   A particular strange cult he has covered is worshiping of corpses in Catholic churches.

6 comments on “Introducing Ivar Fjeld’s News that Matters blog

    • that is troubling. I’ve not noticed that one. I was troubled when they invited false teacher and new ager David Herzog.

      I’ve got some friends who work at ICEJ, I’ll message them.

      They have just took on a new director. They are normally a great ministry.

  1. I mentioned before on your blog that the ICEJ had Cindy Jacobs as a main speaker at the last Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem:

    I wouldn’t trust her under any circumstances:

    I fear that true discernment and vision at the upper echelons of the ICEJ is lacking now and probably has for a while. David Pawson gave a word from the Lord at the 2011 Feast (which I heard in person) to the effect that the organisation had come to a crossroads. Looking back at what has happened since, this word was spot on.

  2. Yes I have thought about that and have decided not to as I don’t think it would achieve anything. There is enough about Cindy Jacobs in the public domain without me needing to send links about her to ICEJ HQ. I am not saying that her presence is the main issue, it is more that her presence indicates (to me, at least) a decline in discernment within the organisation, as I said before. I won’t say it a third time….. 😉

    • ok sure. I visited several of my friends who work at the Embassy. I had lunch in their canteen. I liked the fact that Jurgen the director was so friendly and approachable and was happy to introduce himself and chat to anyone new. Hes now left due to ill health. I do think a polite letter telling them their concerns would not be a bad idea.

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