Trip to Turkey 3. Drought

Going through central Turkey on a bus felt a bit like Israel, in terms it feels like a desert country.   Israel has these bright pinky flowers growing on almost every town even in a lot of communities in the Dead Sea area, here in the central part of Turkey I saw no wild flowers at all.   It was quite clear that drought in a severe drought here, with a fountain outside a restaurant dry and unused in ages.  There were a few crops at the side of the road but all grass and vegetation looked brown.

It was only by this drived up river in Goereme, that someone left their cow tied up here as this was the only half decent bit of vegetation.

DSCF8824 1024

This poor creature didn’t have any shade or any water left for her.

Out of the four Middle East/Africa places I have been, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, the Palestinian territories.   Only Israel seems to really treat animals well.   Its odd the animal rights/vegetarian groups are greatly attracted to the pro Palestine movement.

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