Trip to Turkey 4. The cave town in Goereme

Ok, so here in Goereme, which is the main town built around tourism, the big thing here is cave houses.

cappa2 pano 1024

Part regular house built around a cave.

DSCF8808 1024

Its nice and comfortably warm now, but think this could be cold during the winter….

cappa cave house 1024

IMG_20160403_174400395Imagine a Estate Agents’ write up for this, “This property has unique character, with patio in between two hulking great rocks hollowed out for utility room/kids bedrooms….”

My hostel looked pretty utilitarian from the front, but at the back where we had breakfast was a bit more different.

The roof had a place to sit out which was pleasant at night…


IMG_20160404_180713053 1024

The unique scenery in Cappadocia was formed thousands of years ago by volcanos, and the hundreds of pointed rocks are locally known as “Fairy Chimneys”

baloons pano 1024

Later I got to see a truly magnificent way to see the landscapes…

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