Trip to Turkey 7.”Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam” or Turkish Star Wars

I went to book a tour around Cappadocia and saw this on a street;

IMG_20160403_135536108_HDR 1024

Star Wars in Turkey?  Really?  I thought New Hope was filmed in Tunisia?

I sat on roof top with a beer with my laptop chatting on Facebook to a friend in Malta who is an avid Star Wars fan and film buff, he had never heard of it.   In fact I went on the ‘green tour’ and our guide said nothing about it.

Apparently a Turkish film company attempted to make their own sci fi flick using some abysmal acting, hilariously daft costumes and incoherent script (even to the local Turks) but using lots of unauthorised bits of real Star Wars and using the theme music to Indiana Jones (!) made this film considered one of the worst movies ever.

Shame as the unique landscape of Cappadocia must be attractive proposition to film makers I would of thought, and George Lucas must of put Petra on the tourist map when Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed in Jordan in 1989.

You can watch this whole film on youtube here, as some has added English subtitles now 🙂  I plan to watch it soon, skipping through bits of it, it looks like early version of Flash Gordon, especially the bad guy who looks a Ming type character.

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