Trip to Turkey 26. Unusual Turkish cuisine

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Fomented carrot juice.   This really looks tempting.  Ahem.   Especially when its a colour different to what you think carrots should be.   This was from a road side kiosk shop that sold cigarettes and newspapers.

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These market carts are popular in Tarsus selling all kinds of wares.   I bought a jar of honey for 12TL (£3) which I later had confiscated in the airport as I had in my carry on, as honey is a type of liquid.  Bah.  Wasn’t impressed.

fryupAs well kebabs and mezes which are found in Turkish run places all the big cities in the UK, Turkish food can also be refined also, I like the fact there are many places to eat outside with nice gardens and fountains.   This restaurant back in Goereme provides meals on hot plates not dissimilar to candle powered heaters in Indian restaurants I have seen.


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Trip to Turkey 25. Museum of Tarsus

Ok, time to get back to final parts of this.  Tarsus doesn’t seem to promote itself very well to Christian visitors.   But there is this museum, I didn’t get a picture of it from the outside, so heres this Streetmap view.

turkish-museum3This concrete building, has market outside to buy home made local foods.

Inside the museum, there is a lot of early Islam like this grave stone and these rooms of how Ottoman people lived.  There is a quite creepy severed hand of a woman that was dug up which was quite macabre.


There a large number of coins on display from the Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Akkadian – but not from Jewish people.

turkish museum2.jpg

This sign board was quite shocking.   Bad English, whited out bits, and ‘Cult Christianism’ and ‘showed the characteristics of a secret cult’   Umm, ok…..

This was the most disappointing museum I have seen in a long time.

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