Jerusalem terror attack and UN

Just been watching with horror at the reports of four people killed today in Jerusalem.

This is really close to my flat I lived at for 3 years (I lived in a different flat as well in Jerusalem for 1 year)

It will be interesting to see what the UN says about this attack.   This is because the UN’s headquarters is just another few hundereds metres away.

You can see the entrance has been designed with blocks to get cars to drive around to stop ramming attacks.     With the recent ramming attack in Germany that killed people in a similar attack.  The German government bought some special barriers from a company in Israel, as they industry leaders of anti-terror and security solutions to militaries and police forces worldwide.  A city in Spain has just approved a boycott Israel campaign.   Where they going to buy anti-terrorism solutions when they have an attack from radical Islam I wonder?

Most Israelis don’t like the UN, as they have never treated Israel fairly.   The idea of a impartial body to act to arbitrate disagreements between nations is sensible plan in theory, but the UN has always failed on this, as it issues more sanctions on Israel, a not perfect country, but a place that has democracy and freedom, then on countries like Iran, Saudia Arabia, North Korea, China, Cuba etc, which don’t have any these things.

After the massive changes in 2016 with Brexit and Donald Trump, which some people were up in arms and still are, I think they next big change in 2017 will be the collapse of the UN. With the UN forcing Israel’s hand to create Islamic dystopia nation called “Palestine” run by Fatah and/or Hamas, Israel plans to defund the UN and Donald Trump’s US administration may do the same.   As the US give 25% of the UN their money, that will cause the UN to teeter over bankruptcy.   At that point it will be rescued using the funds of an Islamic nation but only it’s terms.

The only way there will be peace in the middle east is through Christ, and for Israel to be restored as the bible foretells.




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