The Lord revealing dark secret in a London park

Firstly, I don’t pretend to have any special knowledge any talent.   The Lord reveals things to me every so often.    Not in any particular pattern or reason why I should I know.

Here is London’s is Regent park.   I often enjoy walking through here on a Sunday before I go to church.   I live in North West London and my church is the centre of the big city.

I needed to be praying and fasting over some critical decisions in my own life right now.   I went walking in London on Saturday through some of my favourite places, but I felt the Lord directed me to somewhere different.

This extra park is called Primrose Hill.   At the top of here are some pretty great views of London, and its assorted collection of building furniture like Tower Bridge, Telecom Tower, The Gherkin, Big Ben etc.  Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures and all I have is Google’s images from a grey and cloudy day.

Behind where I was standing, I walked past some trees in a slightly odd circular shape.   It was here that Lord told me to pray over this area as it has some kind of connection with Witchcraft.    I prayed over the area, not for me to have any authority over this, as I don’t.   I am new to intercessory prayer and pastors who do this recommend not to be boastful in the way pray over places with sources of some kind of stronghold.   Like I said, I am in no way trying to be expert on this.   I also felt I should research why the Lord is tell me this stuff.    I know absolutely nothing about this park.

The next day, I spent some time with Google on Primrose hill, trying to figure out if this has any meaning.   Straight away I notice some things.   Some of these links are connected directly to Witchcraft and Wicca sites, so I want to be mindful not to be too interested in some of these finer detail.

This web site from the Royal Parks mentions this:-
At one time this was a place where duels were fought and prize-fights took place. The hill has always had a somewhat lively reputation, with Mother Shipton making threatening prophesies about what would happen if the city sprawl was allowed to encroach on its boundaries.

I agree that ancient park land should not be built on, these places should not spoilt in the name a constant need for home taking away our green places.   I know well that Pagan culture is attracted to nature and wildlife, actually here there was some construction going on in the park, but just renew seating and a bit of landscaping.

Who is Mother Shipton?

Wikipedia; Ursula Southeil 1488–1561, A prophetess (A witch)

In particular she is thought to have predicted the invention of the motor car “A Carriage without a horse shall go; Disaster fill the world with woe..”

Connection with my home city of Portsmouth.

Meanwhile I realised this name sounded familiar.   About 80 miles away, my home city in Portsmouth named a pub after this witch:-

A bit more research, shows this to be one of UK’s worst pubs for violence, see this link

Seeing as Primrose park had a murder and this pub is used for brawls, I’m willing to guess that this witch brought a curse of violence on places associated with her.

I know people formerly associated with witchcraft, occult, seances and fortune telling who left this and came to Christ.    I know that history has shown us that otherworld stuff is real and is dangerous.   Often people are introduced to this today through Goth/Grunge culture and heavy metal music.   Unhealthy interest in the occult has separated a close friend of mine from truth of the Gospel he once had.

What have I learned from this?   When I managed to spend a day seeking the Lord, he has given me words of knowledge on places I have not been before, without a reason why.   I write this to learn and share with others and so the Lord get give me more understanding of powers and principalities and how to pray over them.


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