Should believers post Christian parody sites?

I like comedy, and like a lot of British people I am a bit sarcastic and use irony a bit.

I am not really a fan of Joel Osteen.  I don’t like the prosperity theology movement.   Pastors making huge amounts of money is embarrassing and a poor example of the gospel.   I am glad that this type of movement isn’t really popular in Britain but it does creep into some churches I’ve seen here.

Christian parody sites like the Babylon Bee, used to have some funny stories that highlight common things in a satirical way which is amusing especially if you have worked in a church or ministry.    Nowadays I think they step over the line.  In fact it often smacks of bearing False Witness. 

However, I agree with this article here.  I have grown tired of Christian parody sites as they end up slandering various churches and ministries and cause a lot of problems.  It really looks poor in front of a non-believing world, if we post such things on social media.

The Babylon Bee has in the past made gags about the Holy Spirit.  For serious believers in Christ, this is treading on dangerous ground.   This is really really very very bad, please don’t do it.


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