China trip – 3. A few million bicycles in Beijing

9 million bicycles in Beijing was a song by Katie Meula, I’ve not found out how many there are.   There are a lot.   The main roads have dedicated lanes for bikes of all kinds.  In the two weeks I was in China, I witnessed two accidents with bikes hit by cars, which thankfully neither were serious, and folks appearing to have just a few scratches and bruises.

The weird thing is the variation of bikes, mopeds and scooters kind of blur together, and also some are almost cars.   You know in Europe and US you have the tiny Smart car which can be driven in the UK with a motorcycle licence and before then the strange and eccentric Reliant 3 wheeled car?

DSCF9447 1024

So bikes and scooters can often by simple vans for deliveries or a simple crude taxi.

DSCF0149 1024.JPG

So, I have seen motorbikes with two or three wheels, some electric and some petrol (actually less given plans to drastically reduce pollution) some with handlebars or steering wheels and some like this have a plastic car-like body on them, some are even four door.

2. Beijing’s industrial aftertaste

4. Snowing seeds in Beijing

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