China trip – 5. Chinese police

It seems China is serious about protecting citizens and tourists from petty crime or terrorism which is a good thing, I often feel that Britain and Europe are too trusting and naive when it comes to try to accept everyone and not screen out those who are a risk from radical Islam and other terror threats.

China’s police are everywhere.   As this is a communist country, does this provide reassurance from crime or worry?  I am not sure.

DSCF0154 1024

In malls and places popular with tourists, the Chinese cops have these golf cart type vehicles.   I’d like to know how fast they go and if they could keep up with an escaping shoplifter!

DSCF9414 1024

Underground stations in Beijing and Shanghai are well protected, each station requires bags put through an xray by staff as well as stern warning signs about not bring explosives or firearms onto public transport.

DSCF9689 1024

This huge station in Beijing has a looped cartoon showing how the police protect citizens.  More on the trains of China soon.

4. Snowing seeds in Beijing

6. Chairman’s Mao’s legacy

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