China trip – 9. China’s super rich

Around the corner from my youth hostel were many luxury hotels.  Some more from typical western type places, and some with more of the character of China itself.

hotel 1024

DSCF9445 1024China seems to be enjoying something of a massive economic boom in recent years.  There are shopping malls of top clothing brands from the west alongside traditional type simple stores and markets, being all made here in China of course.

As well as luxury cars parked outside the hotels, some big hotels have large windowed showrooms being rented out to sell new prestige cars.

Also, this vintage vehicle was there.   I think this belonged to a previous leader of China, maybe even Chairman Mao.

IMG_20170415_212757340 1024

8. The Great Wall of China Mutianyu district

10. Islam in Beijing and elsewhere


5 comments on “China trip – 9. China’s super rich

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  3. I wish this group, as well as the rich around the world can know of the real possibility of God’s existence. I pray that they can be protected from spirits of pride, greed, the one of shiny things – like what tempted Eve – and others. I pray they can come to learn of the verse in Matthew 6: 19-24.

    Also, as I have wondered how to relay the bible’s treasures to people in China, i learned that they have a history related to the dragon and a person with long black hair and a UFO. Also there is some area off the coast that is called the area of the dragon, and it has had mysterious events like in the Bermuda Triangle.

    I wonder if the site I mentioned is banned and if the government would consider allowing the book of Job – especially the chapters from 38, and 41 which mentions a creature like a dragon. The people and leaders of China may be interested in considering to align with a God of such wisdom and vast expanse and power. There are other easier versions and should be Hebrew to Chinese or other translations to Chinese, but this link is Hebrew to English – so read it backwards:

    • Hey LC, thanks for comments!

      Do you have any sources about the Bermuda triangle thing?

      I made some error in judgment about going to Buddhist temples. I’ll write more on this later. I spoke to some Chinese believers in UK who told me about spiritual warfare and demonic forces there.

      I wrote about aspects of the internet being banned in China, did you see this.

      I saw a small sample of the Chinese church, certainly some places (Shanghai I’ll write on soon) has brand new churches in the high street which are openly worshiping without issue, there are some challenges.

      I’ll do some more writing on this, there is much more I’d like to explain.

      Bless you

      • Yes, I did see about lots of things banned in C. There are quite a few C. students in Green River College in Auburn, WA. and these students and the scholars in C. & J. seem to be able to research things related to dragon folklore. Therefore they might want to look at the biblical story of the Leviathan in the book of Job.

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