China trip – 10. Islam in Beijing and elsewhere

China is officially an atheist country but Buddhism is the main religion.

There are Muslims in China, some not many.    Mostly I think in the more rural parts of the western side of the country.

I think a strict government and police force means terrorism doesn’t seem to happen, or public demonstrations or forcing of Sharia law which many people often worry is being introduced into Europe.

The Chinese Muslims I think are mostly Uyghur people who are slightly different ethnically from other Chinese.   For instance, the men wear small rounded hats like African Islamic people, their skin is darker so maybe they are ethnically similar to Indonesian/Malaysian people which are Islamic nations.

DSCF9468 1024

In Beijing a Mosque type building on top of shops and offices seems unusual.

DSCF9464 1024

This outdoor cafe had a number of private little huts to sit in.   I spotted the Shahada Arabic script hanging on the wall.   Regular Chinese people outside would be drinking beer and eating food like pork.  So maybe this room is intended for Muslim clients.

China isn’t really a ‘tolerant’ country but some try their best to welcome different folk.


This banknote, when viewed up close, has two other languages on it in addition to English and Chinese.  One of these is Uyghuric, which looks like Arabic script.

Shanghai had Chinese Muslims selling small bread rolls with some kind of herbs in out of a small oven on a trolley by the side of the road.   There was also Chinese Muslim restaurants with Halal Arabic script on the window with much of the decoration in green, a colour commonly associated with Islam.

For Christians like travelling and watching what’s happening with the boom of the gospel of Jesus in China, there are many other strongholds and challenges.   More on this soon.

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