No Google, Jesus is not from Palestine!

I saw this on Google translate and face palmed.

jesus not from palestine

No Google, Jesus is not from Palestine!

Professional translators and university professors and teachers strong discourage the use of Google Translator and Wikipedia, this is another reason why.

jesus was from what

I don’t really like Internet Memes.   There’s too many of them, and often they are part of someone else’s in-joke.   I like visually assisted sarcasm though.

Jesus was an Israeli and a Jew.   Israel was renamed Syria Palestina much after his death, resurrection and ascension to heaven and after the destruction of the temple.   So around 120AD.   Palestine is a product of the Roman Emporer Hadrian.   Not from Arab people.   Palestine is the name of the land between 120AD and 1948 where the land was occupied by Romans, Turks, British and later on Arabs.

Just like Paul wasn’t Turkish.   But he was from the city of Tarsus which in the nation of Turkey today.

Please challenge pastors and theological people who slip in the Jesus was from “Palestine” this is completely and utterly wrong!!   Even some bibles write maps in the back pages with Palestine from the time of Jesus.   Argh……



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