China trip – 19. Shanghai’s big open food market


This market looks quite similar to the ones I have seen in the middle east, particularly in Jerusalem.   Maybe a little bit cleaner without a leaky roof, and has all the produce you can think of, and is all fresh of course.   There are a few Chinese specialties like those pale coloured pears you can buy in the UK.

DSCF9874 1024

There’s a lot of vendors here, with all kinds of cuts of meat.


DSCF9881 1024


DSCF9875 1024

Going towards the back of the market, things get a bit weird and exotic.

DSCF9918 1024

DSCF9879 1024

….until you see a bag of live frogs and toads.   My phone gives you an idea how big they were.  No dogs or cats thankfully, a local told me this happens in more rural towns but not in Shanghai, I did see a bucket of live turtles, but it is too sad to say what happened to them….. 😦

18. Shanghai motor show 2017

20. The computer repair hall