China trip – 25. Chinese Dragons and the bible

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Every building of significance, actually most hotels, and some restaurants and my hostel have these dragons either side of the doorway.   Seems the bigger the better.   All these dragons have one with one paw on a ball, and the other one has a paw on baby dragon turned upside down.   I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of this.

Being a language geek and also knowing that Dragons are mentioned in the bible I decided to look this word up using Google translator (using VPN app, as everything Google is banned in China) on my phone:-


This is the Hebrew word for Dragon, which is transliterated as “Drakon”


This word is from the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible, aka the Old Testament) which is pronounced “Tanin”  you can see the meaning of the Strongs link here.


This is the Greek word for Dragon I just looked up that appears at various times in Revelation, this is also pronounced “Drakon” in Strong’s.

I listened to a recording of one of my favourite Christian teachers Derek Prince.   Derek liked Chinese art and had some hanging fabrics with Chinese dragons on them, and he reluctantly threw them out as the Lord prompted him to.   Revelation shows the dragon to be a representation of Satan.

I am not asking all my Christian readers to throw out all things with dragons or Chinese art, but I think its necessary if you are a follower of Christ to make sure you don’t have anything in your house that could be a representation of evil.   I think its important when you buy souvenirs that you are not promoting another deity in your house.   I’ve started to really like oriental art, a pastor friend in Israel had lots of interesting pictures brought back from China.   I’d ask and pray to the Lord of anything you are not sure about if it has a place in your home.  One example of this is people often have Buddha statues in the UK, as you can buy them from any garden centre!

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Dragons and other mythical creatures, also appear on the corners of these characteristically Chinese roofs on buildings everywhere I have seen in this country.

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