China trip – 24. Staying healthy in China

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China has quite a few traditional medicines, and the people are known to be quite superstitious so certain types of health treatments are quite different from what people are used to the western world.   These shops have cabinets and small drawers full of unusual medicinal things.

These days everyone in my country wants to trust a new and esoteric type of medicine or treatment they have read on the internet.   We can see this in the growth of the modern vegetarian and vegan movements.   But also outrightly false types of advice are being pushed around on the web;  “Vaccines cause autism” said, someone, I have never met.  With no formal qualifications.  On the internet.   With a beard.   Someone I know who got into some of this stuff took this one step further, refuses to visit any hospital or doctor and gets advice from complete strangers.   I find this really strange.

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So its quite funny that Chinese have a message to those who might take complementary medicine a bit too far.

I was working in different parts of Europe (Barcelona, Vienna, Stockholm, and Lisbon) for a few months in 2017.   One thing I noticed was all of Europe has agreed to make cigarette packets focused on the deadly health consequences of smoking.

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This isn’t yet true of China, cigarettes show flowers and other pretty items on their cigarettes.

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I like this automated orange juicer.   Being a geek I appreciate being able to see inside.  Each orange is slice in half, each piece falls into a rounded cup which is rotated 180 degrees and then squashed simultaneously.   We could do with more of these in Britain.  I’d imagine this would need a lot of maintenance as there must be spillage inside.

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The tea shop! everything to do with tea, pots, cups, is in this place.   Note the ornamental pot with water fountain.

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See the brick things in the tea shop?   They are not bricks as in part of the building, they are bricks of tea demonstrating how tea has been packed for export.

23. Urban fishing Shanghai style

25. Chinese Dragons and the bible

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