The rapid obsolescence of Islam in some communities like Iran

The other day I was working late for several days in a row, so decided to get a takeout on the way home.

This is a street near my house which is a mostly Islamic community, there is a mosque which looks like a normal building with a big Crayola attached to it.

I went to an Iranian restaurant which is another 200 yards down the road and got a chicken kebab with rice.   On the way out, I picked up this magazine.


There’s actually an English/Hebrew magazine for Israelis in London given away free in Jewish businesses here in London.    Similarly, there is a free magazine for Iranians in Farsi.


Not Arabic, but Farsi, similar looking curly right to left script

The interesting this about this magazine.   There is absolutely no mention of Islam whatsoever.   There is mostly ads and no editorial content.  I used to work a free ad magazine back in 2000/2001 and magazines can do well to sell businesses to a specific audience, and there are ads from Farsi speaking Iranians selling restaurants, money changers, legal services and car rentals amongst other products here to the Iranian community in London.

Articles like this:-
Despite the harsh regime of the Ayatollahs show that the attendance of mosques and Muslims holidays in Iran have dropped dramatically and that Iranian people in Iran and living in Europe have absolutely no interest in Islam.    The incredible thing is for a Christian lover of Israel, is that Iran has the largest number of people with a Muslim background coming to Christ in the world.

That’s right – the God of Israel wants to save the Jewish people’s enemies by loving them and showing them mercy through his son Jesus.

When I traveled to Turkey in 2016, that nation is about 50/50 religious and secular, so much so its easy to buy beer or a pepperoni pizza, the new mosques being built in relatively secular Tarsus (birthplace of apostle Paul in Christianity)   Turkey is going in the wrong direction.

Let’s pray many more people from Muslim nations to leave Islam and secularism to find true satisfaction in Christ.