Sunshine over Westminster

I’m walking around after work with a lot of worries with decisions with work and personal issues.

Rather take the two-stop only Waterloo underground line that goes from Bank to Waterloo I decided to walk it.

Many people in London are weary with Brexit confusion, worrying crime level increasing and the general frenetic sense of life in the capital city.    Although actually when I look at around there is construction and people recruiting new staff.

IMG_20190429_171945848 mono.jpg

This might be just a weather formation, but I like this glow in the distance.

IMG_20190429_171935945 mono.jpg

The sun shines brightly through the clouds in the direction towards Westminster.  Sometimes I’m seeing groups of Christians praying over the UK for the Lord to bring a fresh revival over our city.

I often like to head to the Emmanuel Centre which is 100 yards away from Westminster in London when there are events on.   I’ve seen a worship musician from Malta who decided to leave a homosexual lifestyle, my old congregation King of Kings from Jerusalem Israel do music and teaching, Barry and Batya Segal who are also Messianic Jewish musicians and ministry couple from Israel, and Christ for all Nations worship event many other things.

I think the Lord is going to do more special things in the UK.