Germany 5. 1972 Munich Olympics village

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This place is also close by the BMW museum and BMW world and the actual factory plant’s front gates, just by a big park.

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IMG_20190223_132359334 1024These apartments built for this event are a little strange, they are tiny, their original utilitarian concrete form has been brightened up with a lot of artistic makeover by their current young and creative owners.

These dwellings were built for the 1972 Olympic games which were hosted here in Munich.


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The Olympics should encourage friendly competition between nations without prejudice or political agenda.   Sadly this particular year would be twinged with tragedy, as Palestinian group Black September kidnapped some Israeli athletes and an attempt by the Germany police to get them out failed to result in the death of 11 Israeli athletes.

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These monument stands in the Olympic park to commemorate the athletes lost.

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There is a video on a permanent loop with footage from the 1972 games, you can clearly see also a clip from David Ben Gurion announcing the new state of Israel from Tel Aviv in 1948.

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