Monaco – 3. Hairpin bends

If you are a fan of F1, you might recognise this, its the famous Fairmont Hairpin bend that does an almost 360 degree turn.

Yes, this is a functioning highway and sometimes a race track.   It seems the country is well organised so all the residents don’t mind having to move their cars and not have accessibility into the whole country when a race is on.

Right underneath this bend in another road that tunnels underneath, at the edge of the bend is the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel.


On a race day.

I can stand over here, as there are some pretty gardens, do spin around!

monaco yacht event

I’ll just pinch this photo from this Yacht clubs site.  You might recognise this Finish (or Start?) line.   Now we can see it when its being used as a normal street here:

This place is so small and ultra tightly packed, the roads go in spaghetti fashion all over the place, its bonkers, I love it!!

1. Monaco, my first tiny country – 2. Train in from France3. Hairpin bends – 4. soon….


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